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What is Probate?

When someone dies, you may be required to apply for a ‘Grant of Probate (if they have a Will) or a Grant of Administration (if they die intestate – without a Will). This gives you the legal right to deal with the person’s property, money and possessions (their Estate).

What Is The Process?

  1. Check if there is a Will.
  2. Apply to get a ‘Grant of Representation’. This gives you the legal right to access things like the persons bank account. This is not always required depending on what is in the Estate.
  3. Complete a Tax Return and pay Inheritance Tax if applicable, this will be dependent on the size of the estate.
  4. Collect in the assets e.g. money from the sale of the person’s property.
  5. Pay any debts e.g. unpaid utility bills.
  6. Distribute the estate to the beneficiaries in accordance with the wishes in the Will or subject to the Intestacy Rules.

The above can be a time-consuming process and all of this at a time of upset and worry so we are here to help you and can act of your behalf to relieve the burden.

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